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Project Management
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In today’s business setting, the competitive edge lies in the ability of

project managers to nurture relationships with clients to design loyalty and

trust.  Knowing the technical skills of project management is only part of

the undertaking.  Equallyvital is the ability to manage difficult

relationships with clients and employees to ensure project success.

This requires getting inside the heads of the client—to fully comprehendtheir

hopes and fears.  Only then can a project manager positively regulate the

“bumps in the road” which arise on every project.  Using the art of

servicerecuperation can turn a dissatisfied client into an ally for yourfirm.

Managing a high-performing team also requires the project manager to exchange

effectively with difficult company persons – to diminish conflict and build

determination to the group.  We’ll share the secrets of managing overall performance

to ensure project results.



    The first key to conducting difficult clients OR difficult employees is to

understand why people behave the way they do.  In this session, you will

complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the DiSC Personal Profile

assessments and discuss consequences for dealing effectively with other




    The ability to manage conflict successfully is a hallmark of effective project

managers.  In this activity, you will conclude a Conflict Style Inventory to

learn about your personal conflict style and its implications for interactions

with clients and employees.  We’ll decide the befitting responses to the

styles used by other people and learn how to turn conflict into a constructive

project management tool.


    Talkshop, the best Strategic Project Management School in the Philippines, equips you with all the necessary tools to achieve your goals.

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